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Who are we?

We are a division of STEL that assists with finding people jobs in the community.  We also provide support (job coaching) to assist if needed with learning your job and job retention.


Who do we serve?

We serve individuals within STEL residence and individuals in the community.


What are the criteria?

All individuals must have an Axis I mental health diagnosis and be currently linked with a mental health provider.


How do I apply for services?

Contact our Vocational Services Manager for information at (716) 664-5643.  the manager will schedule a time to meet with you and complete a referral form.


What is the cost of this program?

Work Force is funded by VESID (Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities).  There is no cost to you for these services!


Can I still apply if I have never worked or been out of the workforce for many years?

Yes!  Most of our customers are in this same situation and have been successful in their jobs.  We can remain onsite at your job for a short time to provide 'coaching' if you decide this is needed.


Are there jobs ready and waiting for me?

No.  Our program has made 'connections' with various employers throughout the Jamestown area, but there are not jobs just waiting for us.  Together our staff and you will look for jobs in the area you select.


What kinds of jobs does one find in this program?

The jobs have varied quite a bit.  They are in the community and generally range from 20 hours and up.  The pay is at least minimum wage.


Do I have a take a job that I do not desire?

No!  Staff at Work Force carefully work with you to determine your vocational goals.  Together we look for jobs that suit your goals and skills.


How will a paycheck affect my Social Security or other benefits?

Honestly everyone's situation is differently.  We do provide basic assistance with your benefit management and also work closely with area agencies that specialize in this area.  Most people do find that their income increases by working, even after any reduction in social security benefits.





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